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You may have read about an incident that occurred long ago and far, far away when the streets of a great city were first laid out.  A huge granite boulder was lying in the way of an intended principal avenue and bids were advertised for its removal.  All proposals were exorbitantly high because there was no mechanical means for removal of the boulder; no hard steel for drilling or cracking the stone; and, no explosives except an inferior black powder for entertainment.   

Finally, an insignificant peasant appeared and offered to remove the boulder for a small fraction of the sum quoted by the other bidders.  Since the risks were low, the city government authorized him to try his luck.    

The man rounded up some other peasants with spades and timbers, and they began digging a deep hole next to the rock.  When the hole was deep enough, pre-set props were knocked out and the boulder was peacefully rolled to its grave, where it rests to this day below the street level.   

The original bidders had viewed this problem in only 2 dimensions: HOW & WHERE to remove the huge granite boulder to some other place -- on the surface of the earth.  However, with some creative thinking the peasant got to the root of the real problem and perceived a third dimension.  And thus, discovered a unique and better solution.   

You may not have a boulder-size problem quite like the above. But you may be caught up in a difficult situation where a helping hand with a fresh point of view is greatly appreciated.  

In business, most boulder-size problems don’t start off so easy to spot. They are most always an accumulation of small overlooked issues within multiple sectors. And, because of the domino effect, they grow to gigantic, disruptive, mountain-sized proportions.  The peasant in the above story demonstrated that inexpensive  solutions are very possible with a little creative thinking.

Whether you are seeking increased profits, new ways to compete, stabilization of a shaky enterprise, or even a better way to remove a boulder, I can help fix what might be troubling you.  A fresh perspective often works wonders.




Our passion is to help your business prosper more than it is now -- whether yours is a billion-dollar company, a startup, or somewhere in between. 

Decades of multi-industry expertise in fixing problems; creating unique revenue opportunities; new products; and, improving efficiencies help us quickly determine what actions your company must take to immediately get on a solid path to achieving maximum performance. 

Talk to us today about how we can help you get where you are going faster. 

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Beginning encompasses a comprehensive hands-on assessment to identify hidden problems, gaps and opportunities. 

Our approach is

non-disruptive & non-threatening.

Next, we determine the most cost effective tactical solutions that will secure the desired results, along with timelines and milestones.

Lastly, our pro-active implementation and monitoring of the strategic fixes helps to quickly and smoothly ensure your success.

Solutions for today and tomorrow.




A desire for improvement is key—that’s why when it comes to client selection, we’re picky. If we choose to work with you, it’s because we know we’ll get the results we are after. 

Your company will receive the time and guidance you deserve. Whether you’re seeking an impartial 3rd party perspective, a new product, an increase in revenue or market share, an improved customer experience, or just an operations evaluation to discover any weak links within your company, contact us today. 

Together we’ll create an improved strategy for success.

Our process will energize you, your management, and your employees. Your company will be better than it was before.



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In the spotlight: Nick Soliday a.k.a. SNOW IN AFRICA

SNOW IN AFRICA is the music band persona of rising singer/songwriter Nick Soliday. 

Nick is a talented prolific writer with a very large catalog of unreleased songs. He shares the feelings we all experience in relationships, love and life. His songs seem to touch the hearts of fans worldwide.  

((( Listen ))) to some songs and see what his growing fan base are saying at SNOW IN AFRICA And, this is just the beginning. Also,  As the name implies, SNOW IN AFRICA is something rare and special.  

Genres - Nick's own brand of Hip-hop / Alternative / Indie / Rock / Pop   

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